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Civil war in Syria has killed more than 400,000 people, and more than 500 people killed in russian.

Syria In 7 years of civil war in Syria has killed more than 400,000 people, and more than 500 people killed in russian air strikes this week in Eastern Ghouta of Syria. In this 7 years more than 11 million people driven feom there home and hundred of thousand people are going hungry in Eastern Ghouta.

Russia and Iran declared "de-escalation" area in may last year to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid but the truth is that Asad's regime has allowed only UN convey to enter Eastern Ghouta.Last saturday UN Security Council approved ceasefire across Syria to humanitarian aid and evacuate the critically ill and wounded.
war in Syria has killed

This is 6th ceasefire in 7 years. 1st ceasefire attempt on 26 Feb till july 2016 2nd ceasefire attempt on 12 sep. to 19 sep. 3rd ceasefire attempt on Dec. 2016 to Feb. 2017 4th ceasefire attempt on May 2017 5th ceasefire attempt on july 2017. Syria Before Syria is small country with 23 million population which borders Turkey, Iraq, Jordans, Isreal and Lebanon. Syria has both fertiles and deserts area. The Syrian Regemi The syrian civil war is a conflict between its long serving goverment (Asad's family) and the people who are angry with their government for failure of economic and political reforms. Civil war In march 2011 some of children who painted anti regime were killed and this lead topublic protests which spread arround the country fuelled by the failure of goverment to punish the perpetrators. Angry group of people formed the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on July 2011 then many teibal groups joined Free Syrian Army (FSA) and started against Asad's force. Refugees Estimated 11 million Syrians have fled since march 2011.