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Since the last century regarding women are getting a wide coverage, With the development in human civilization there have been remarkable changes in the position of women all over the world, the awareness has given women, the power to be equal to men in every aspect of life. But in Nepal there hasn't been any significant improvement regarding the issues of women.


Nepal is a male dominated country. In a society of such country women are left far behind to struggle in life. According to ancient Nepali culture people believe that women are only created to serve men, they are the creatures just to entertain men, the society is still following the same old tradition. The inequality begins right at home. Sons are provided with all facilities from wealth, education, food and other facilities while daughters remain deprived of It. A man is made to feel superior to a woman. The gap becomes much wider when a woman begins her new life. After marriage she realizes the inequality and has to adjust to the surrounding. There Is nothing she can do but bear it with patience. Being born a woman she is compelled to bear it. But she can live a better life if she has the education and skill to support her. But instead there is the concept of empowerment through property rights. Property will never empower anyone. It rather makes her weak and not powerful. In such a competitive world wealth is merely a secondary requirement for survival. What really matters is the qualifications, training, experience that she has got.

The best way to empower women is to educate and make them self-reliable. The women must be made fully aware of their right to education. Thus the educated women being an integral part of the country are to be activated through women empowerment. 

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