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There is an unbridgeable gap between the higher caste people and the lower caste people in Nepal. The situation has been such since ancient times. The ancient people and the kings divided the people into different castes according to their professions, but this division of castes has become a great problem for the country. The rigidity of the caste system separated the Nepalese people between the touchable and untouchable. which is still a great challenge to the Nepalese society.

Today, the era of Science and Technology, Nepalese people still have beliefs on superstations practices. Especially in the rural parts of our country, the people who are considered as the untouchable are highly discriminated. They are deprived of fundamental rights provided by the country. They are very much suppressed by the people of higher caste. These people are not allowed to enter any temples or religious places. Even they cannot be familiar with the general people. They have difficulties in gaining education, which clearly symbolizes the dark side of their future as well as of the country.


The system of untouchability is also one of the main reasons why the country is facing the problems of Maoist. If the people who are considered as touchable cannot bear the suppression, they think of taking revenge to the higher caste people. The majority of the Maoists are the people from the lower caste and the untouchables. Similarly, due to the system of untouchability, different other problems have arisen in the society The system of untouchability has directly affected the low literacy rate and poverty, Thus, our country is left 200 years back in the field of development.

The system of untouchability is a great problem for the society. So, there must be enforcement of different laws and punishment against this system. The people should be conscious and the discrimination between the people relating to castes, tribes and races should be discouraged. The feeling of fraternity among the people should come in everyone's heart. For the peaceful and prosperous future of the country, the system of untouchability should be completely abolished. 


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