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Never will the sun rise till there is no darkness... Darkness, actually, indicates that day will soon arrive no matter how long the night is. Success and failure, like light and darkness, succeed one another in life.

Success is the common destination of all living beings. For animals, to survive is the success while for men to survive successfully is the success. So, we often get shattered when failure touches us. We get embarrassed on hearing about the failure. But, have we ever thought of realizing how important the failure is in our life? Really it would not be worth living if it were not there, for struggle. Failure is quite natural. They are just the bend to the road but not to the end of the journey. Failure, in fact, urges us for the hard work and thus is the prerequisite of success. We can say that failure paves the way for success and prosperity of life.

In our life, when the door of success closes, another opens, but often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. Thus, we ought not to get depressed because of the failure. We've to be optimistic, determined and dedicated towards our work, rather we should try and try because, "They hardly fail who try but they never succeed who don't try...."


So, don't stay shedding tears over failure. Go on exploring your potentiality, hope for the best and give your hope a reality accompanied by success. Hence, you can find success always beyond your grasp.

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