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Sex is the foundation for the development of family life

Sex is a powerful drive which influences our life greatly. It is an urge which attracts a man and woman to each other. When men and women understand their sex roles, they can better appreciate each other and work together more happily. Sex is both physical and emotional in nature. Sex is the foundation for the development of family life. That is why, understanding towards sex is necessary for a richer & happier living.

A poorly sex-adjusted and unhappy person fails to think sex as having a dignified place in normal life. Sex is an emotional, mental and social portal and not only a physical part. Education for family life is becoming very important. A happy family is the basis of a stable and wholesome society, besides being a key to individual happiness. Proper sex education is of permanent importance for a happy life in order to understand, accept and deal adequately with the changes occurring in a youth and to control and direct the sex drives in socially acceptable ways.

Sex is the foundation for the development of family life

Today is an era of national unrest and mobility. There is more individual freedom and less supervision over young people who are confused with the changing standard of conduct. The high divorce rate, unhappy marriage, illegitimate births, criminal abortion, sexual mal-adjustment, venereal diseases, prostitutions and sex crimes and unwholesome conditions in society which testify to the failure of home, school and community in meeting the need of youth. Sex education can help to prevent some of these problems. We can define reproductive and sexual health education as an educational experiences aimed at developing capacity of adolescents to understand their sexuality in the context of biological, psychological, socio-cultural and reproductive dimensions and acquire skills in making responsible decision and action with regard to sexual & reproductive health behavior. In these circumstances the need and importance of sex education may be listed as follows:
  •  It helps to rectify the misconception and misinformation regarding the sex & sex organs.
  •  It provides the scientific information on sex.
  •  It helps to understand the significance of marriage, reproduction, heredity & evolution.
  •  It helps to understand the meaning and consequences of venereal disease.
  •  It promotes sexual hygiene and helps to solve sex problems.
  •  It lays emphasis on the positive expression of a person's sexuality which includes self-esteem,      body image, social roles and relationship with others.
  •  It helps to cope with sexual mal-adjustment.
  •  It provides information regarding the use and importance of contraceptives etc.

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