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Only happiness in life is to love and be loved

Only happiness in life is to love and be loved. Some people fall in love at first sight and remain happy for the rest of their lives. Some others fall in love at first sight, only to realize that it was infatuation and regret it later. But for the most part, love takes time to grow. Therefore, if love does not bloom immediately, a person should not be disheartened too easily. There is a saying that a faint heart never won a fair lady'. This is to say that a person who gives up too easily will not be able to get the one he/she desires in the life.

Some can conduct themselves matured and slowly draw the other's attention to their kindness, consideration, steadfastness, and love for the others. One must not be unreasonable or selfish in the expression of one's feelings. After all, human emotions like all things in nature, are subjects to change. When one conducts oneself well, there is every chance that the other will begin to realize the good qualities and develop warm feelings towards the other and all these may take time. But there must be a limit in trying to win the heart of another, especially when the answer is clearly `No' and the person must not go to extremes in expressing the love.
Only happiness in life is to love and be loved

One must give the other the right to make one's own decision and respect that decision. There is no law that one's love for another must be reciprocated. In situations when a person's love is not reciprocated, it is best for either party to wish all the happiness for the future well-being and part as friends without causing any hindrances to their own personality. Keep Loving. 

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