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The major cause of the pollution of the Bagmati river

The Bagmati river originates from an altitude of 2650m called Bag Dwar running through Rocky Mountains and comes to the plains covering the distance of 200 km. The river Bagmati is considered sacred by Hindus. Many people visit Bagmati everyday to wash away their sins. Many Hindu people of Kathmandu wish to die on its bank and their strew on the surface of the Bagamati river. Due to the increasing population in Kathmandu. the pollution in the river is also increasing day by day.

The domestic sewage is the major cause of the pollution of the Bagmati river. This problem of sewage wastage started from the fact that the city has grown faster than the available dumping site. So, the easy way to get rid from such waste for people is to dispose it directly into the river. So due to this sewage pollution the Bagmati is dying.
Bagmati river

These sewages kill the organism of the water. This happens due to the depletion of available oxygen of water. If the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen is large, it makes the habitat suitable for fast growth of oxygen-producing plant. It grows so fast that they become overcrowded and die of exhaustion, the fishes die being deprived of plant food.

We are not being able to solve the problems of our dying river. Therefore government and public must be serious about cleaning the Bagmati. If it is not solved, we will have to die with the dying Bagmati. In the name of holy bath we are inviting dangerous diseases.

So, if we want to maintain it as a holy river, the problem of this river must be solved immediately. The main responsibility of making it clean is ours. So, all the people of Kathmandu valley should be active in cleaning it rather than saying "She is dying day by day." 

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