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Online Business Training Classes

How to Make Money Online From Your Passions And Interest, Creating a Fun, Profitable Online Business  in our local market and earn money From Home

Take our Online Business training classes to improve your Business Expertise.... From project Management and Negotiation to Leadership Skills and Online Marketing Strategy.

We provide knowledge About :

1.  Market Digitalization

-About the digitalization
-How to make digital shop, store and e-commerce Web Site
-All req. tools and tricks provide
-How to earn from this technique

2. Digital Currency Exchange

-About the Digital currency
-How to use it
-We provide all req. tools and tricks
- How to earn from this work

3.Digital Ad Agency

-About the digital ads
- Design ads for different social media
-How to manage  ad normally
- How to earn from this work

4. Promotional Tools & Tricks

-How to use Social media ( link Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn)
- How to manage SEO (Search engine optimization)
- How to make  Paid advertisement on any social media.
- How to earn from this work 


You get FREE online job training too like :

1 CPA Network 
2. Affiliate Network
3 . Ad Network

and You get extra knowledge about making your own site and site apps and how to earn from this apps.

Our Office location Is: Old Baneshwor Chowk, Sinamangal Rd, Near to Siddhartha Bank Kathmandu Po Box 19938

Our Class Time schedule: 6 AM to 8 AM, 8 AM to10 AM, 2PM to 4 PM And 4 PM to 6 PM and 3 days in weeks, 30 days to complete our training classes.

( Note: If You Need To Take This Training Classes Then You Must Be Pay Our Training fee Rs 10,000. If you need More Info About This training then please visit our office OR Contact Us: 01- 44910033 / 9860343992. THANK YOU !!!)

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