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Boost your AdSense income

The list of Google AdSense Secret Tips and tricks is shown below give you some ideas on how you can optimize your AdSense site and "Boost your AdSense Income".

AdSense Tip #1 - Choose A Right Topic

The first AdSense secret to a successful AdSense business is choosing the right topic for your site. You can decide a topic or theme for your AdSense site using this approach or you can start your AdSense site with a topic that you have a passion for. Among the few things that you have a passion for, you should start with the most popular topic and create contents targeting on the popular keywords.

AdSense Tip #2 - Choose the Right Domain

Getting a right domain name for your AdSense business is the second AdSense secret. A right domain name may give your site better ranking in SERP. You can include keywords in your domain. For example, if you are running an online business directory, it is a good idea to include ‘directory’ as part of your domain name. Thus, your domain name will be called online-directory or business directory.

Boost your Boost your AdSense income income

AdSense Tip #3 - Research the Keywords

The most important AdSense secret is keyword research. With a list of keywords or key phrases, you would be able to understand what Internet users are looking for when they do a search on your topic and what keywords they use for the search. With this list, you would be able to know which keywords are the most popular and the most competitive. You will have a clearer picture of your target market with the help of this list.

Once you’ve decided a list of keywords to start with, you should focus on them as you build the contents. You should use targeted keywords frequently but naturally.

AdSense Tip #4 - Quality and Unique Content

Most people use the search engine to look for information that may solve their problems. Your AdSense site provides them with the possible solution to their problems. Quality and unique content are the AdSense Secret that makes your visitors coming back for more.

Search engines are trying to provide quality and yet relevant information to Internet users for their searches. Search engine spiders crawl the Internet looking for quality content. Keywords in your content help the search engine spiders to determine how relevant your content is to these searches. The keyword rich content should rank higher in search engine result page.

Creating quality and unique content for your site is not as hard as you think, you can find the easy way to get quality contents for your AdSense site.

AdSense Tip #5 - The Placement of Your AdSense Ads

This AdSense Secret will reward you with high click-through rate - right placement of your AdSense Ads. So, where should you place Google AdSense ads on your content pages?

Google heat map is a useful positioning guideline which provides specific tips on ad placement for your AdSense site.

The colors fade from dark orange (strongest performance) to light yellow (weakest performance).

Every AdSense site is different. You should understand the behavior of your visitors using Google channel or AdSense tracking tools. You should change your place when it doesn't work for you.

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